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Finding resources is as easy as submitting your project and receiving up to 5 proposals in a few hours. Then you decide who to work with and have your project done!


Why waiting days or weeks to find a JDE consultant when you can spend only a few hours to secure your resources and complete your projects in time and within budget?


Our process ensures you get the best available resources for your project. Only proven, experienced, senior consultants make it to our database so you can rest assure your project will be successfully completed.

Cost Effective

Reduce your JDE Total Cost of Ownership by using (and paying) for functional and technical resources only when you need to.

We are the Ultimate Source of JD Edwards Talent

How does it work?
First you identify the need for a JD Edwards project and create the JDE project in our portal. When ready, post your project to the community of JDE resources. Step 1

Posting your project

The community of Developers review your project and present their proposals. We review the proposals and we select the best ones based on the projects needs.

Step 2

Receive up to 5 proposals

You select the best proposal and we notify the winner so he/she can start working on your project right away. You can choose between providing credentials to your development client or sending/receiving a zip file with the object(s) modified or created. Step 3

Accepting a proposal

Once the developer is done, we will unit test your objects (reports, screens, etc.) and send you the zip files when ready for you to test. Once you are satisfied with the test we will mark your project as completed and submit your bill for this project. Step 4

Receiving your objects

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